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Her  STORY :

Rosiane was born in Brazil and came to America in the early 2000s. She worked at Day Care facilities during her early adulthood while attending graduate school.  She was a team leader for the summer camp project and helped to plan and supervise activities at the camp. At Texas Woman’s University, Rosiane earned her Bachelor degree in Kinesiology and her Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapist.  Recently, she also pursued her certification as a Vibrational Sound Therapist.  My goal is to help individuals reach their desired potential regardless of background, physical or emotional limitations. She evokes her time in learning new skills that can be implemented within her work. She truly enjoys working with children due to her happy and playful mindset, helping them conquer the world! Rosiane’s background can truly support traumatized children and children in general to overcome psychological, mental, and physical difficulties to excess in life by having meaningful occupations and being fully independent.


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