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Influencer / Modeling: 

Hi! I am Rosiane Maia.

 I am a model & digital artist based in North Texas working on branding & visual creations.

I can certainly be of assistance if you need to promote your name, business, or brand.

I am qualified to build digital content related to fashion, outdoors, traveling, destinations, health, and wellness.

I have built a community of 150K+ fans on my Verified Instagram, and have been published by numerous publications.

My experience goes well beyond modeling and creating digital content.​

I love to support those in need, which lead me to also choose a health-related career, being a Kinesiologist and a MOT (Master of Occupational Therapy).​

Some of my digital content is showcased at Photo Vogue Italia.

I wear a few more hats, such as:  managing marketing campaigns for small businesses, creating content for campaigns, managing social media and photography.

Some ways I can assist anyone looking to improve brand awareness:

1. Brand photography and promotional digital content. I can create brand new content which boost social media, websites, or any other promotional material.

2. Social media management and campaigns. I can use my expertise to boost your social media natural growth and share your content to my engaged audience.

3. Digital stories. I collaborate with brands to create digital stories depicting services or products, getting audience participation, and bringing new connections and/or businesses.


“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

Vincent van Gogh

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Contact Me  For More Information on
Brand Promotion and Modeling: 

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